Welcoming the Spring 2022 Sustainable Fashion Cohort!

Welcoming the Spring 2022 Sustainable Fashion Cohort!

GCNYC is excited to welcome our newest cohort of students for the Spring 2022 semester. We sat down with our newest community members to ask them what they’re most excited about as they begin their journey with us. Here’s what they had to say:

Denise Carew “I’m excited to collaborate with like-minded creatives and advance the sustainable fashion industry. I hope to influence fashion consumption habits in the Caribbean and across the world with my brand.”




JeLisa Marshall: “I am most excited to start at GCNYC to learn from and with people who are just as committed to equity as me.”




Tess Dyer: “What I’m most excited about [while] beginning my graduate studies at GCNYC, is to be surrounded by passionate individuals and learn from peers and teachers alike.”




Josselyn Rivera: “I am extre mely excited to be starting my graduate studies at GCNYC because I have always been a trendsetter and avid fashionista amongst my friends and family but never pursued fashion school and thought it was too late to do so now. I was so happy to find out everyone starts out somewhere and excited to be starting my journey.”



Christine Taylor: “I cannot wait to nerd out on sustainability information with like-minded folks who want to change the systems in place. I also look forward to sharing my experiences and learning about others to apply to developing strategies.”



Lisa Wolpert: “I am excited to join a community where I feel empowered to advocate for change in the fashion industry.”