Transfer Credits & Recognition of Prior Learning

Transfer Credits & Recognition of Prior Learning

At Glasgow Caledonian New York College (GCNYC), we recognize previous graduate-level coursework or achievement through Transfer Credits and/or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). 

As part of GCNYC’s mission for the Common Good, we strive to foster an accessible graduate education for all students through these unique graduate-level transfer opportunities. Our generous transfer credit policy—up to 16 credits—allows students transferring into our master’s programs to reduce the cost of their education and their time to complete their degree at GCNYC.

Students transferring to GCNYC can receive transfer credit for graduate coursework from another accredited university or college. For transfer credits to be accepted, the GCNYC Office of the Registrar will review and verify a student’s previous official transcript. 

Transferring Graduate Credit

To inquire about eligibility, students should file a Transfer of Credit Petition, available from the Office of Admissions. The Office of the Registrar will post approved transfer credits to the student’s GCNYC transcript. This process facilitates students transferring to one of our master’s programs without significant delay to degree completion.

Note that GCNYC does not transfer grades or grade points from other institutions; only credit points are transferred. Contact the Office of Admissions for eligibility, procedures and transfer credit questions at

What is Recognition of Prior Learning?

Recognition of prior learning is a method of awarding academic credit for educational experiences that do not typically result in a traditional academic transcript. The RPL assessment process at GCNYC evaluates a student’s knowledge in a subject area that they are seeking an award of credit for. 

One common example of recognizing prior learning is when students are granted academic credit for years of industry experience. Our students who seek recognition of prior learning can particularly benefit from the shorter time to complete their Master of Science degree and the resulting reduction in tuition costs. 

At GCNYC, graduate-level credit transfers and Recognition of Prior Learning are validated through different processes so prospective students should consider inquiring about both. 

Transfer your graduate credits to GCNYC!

At Glasgow Caledonian New York College, our students are allowed up to 16 credits via graduate credit transfer, RPL or in combination. Interested students should contact Admissions to learn more about the specific process of transferring their graduate credit or beginning a recognition of prior learning evaluation.  

To learn more about GCNYC’s Master of Science degrees, we encourage students to request more information.

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