That’s why sustainability and social impact are at the center
of every Master of Science (MS) degree offered at GCNYC.

Explore the M.S. in Sustainable

Learn how to transform the fashion industry and develop creative strategies to support sustainability, social equity, and ethical practices.

Explore the M.S. in Business for Social Impact & Sustainability

Take a holistic view of business through the lens of social impact, and learn to approach business challenges as innovation opportunities.
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The GCNYC Experience

Our programs are focused on teaching students how to create real impact. At GCNYC you’ll get more than a one-off elective about sustainability or social impact. Every course we offer focuses on how key skills can be leveraged to create positive change. We bring these principles to life through theory, management, and practical applications of applied research.

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The Thesis Project

The master’s program culminates in an individualized thesis project guided by our expert faculty. Based on GCNYC’s applied research model, the project demonstrates your mastery of the field and can be completed in partnership with a company or organization to develop solutions to sustainability or social impact challenges.

Learning Options

Create a schedule that dovetails with your busy life and additional commitments!

In-Person Classes

  • Attend class on campus at 64 Wooster Street
  • Live courses are offered in the evenings 

Hybrid Classes

  • Split attendance between in-person and Zoom
  • Frequency is determined at the time of course registration

Remote Classes

  • Students participate in campus classes via Zoom
  • Students interact with their instructor and other students online
  • Remote courses meet virtually for live sessions

Create Change From Here

Our campus is located in the heart of Manhattan, allowing us to capitalize on the added resources of New York City, an international center of fashion, business, and entrepreneurship.

Part of a Global Network

GCNYC was founded by Scotland’s Glasgow Caledonian University and carries on their long-standing commitment to the Common Good. GCU’s network of college partnerships spans the globe, driving meaningful social impact on an international scale.  GCU’s partners include: